The Bear and Wolf shelters

Bear © Οδ. Χλωρίδης:Αρκτούρος

The Brown Bear Shelter 

While visiting the traditional stone built village of Nymfaio,  you must not miss to visit the Brown Bear Shelter. In the specially fenced area of 50 acres you will find more than 10 bears that are protected by ARKTUROS organisation.

Guided tour

In the short guided tour you will get informed about the evolution of the brown bear, and get insights such as its geographical distribution and the dangers it faces as a species, as well as the ways to deal with them.

Μανώλης © Οδ. Χλωρίδης:Αρκτούρος
Manolis © Od. Chloridis/Arcturos

The Wolf Shelter

Have you ever been to Agrapidies, near Nymfaio? Now is your chance! This shelter started there to end the illegal possession of wolves. In a specially fenced section of natural oak forest, covering an area of 70 acres, are housed all the wolves that managed to be saved from Arcturos. You may not see them easily, but they will have smelled you from afar! For your safety, the use of mountaineering, hiking or athletic shoes is recommended as the tour path is in the forest.

Λύκοι © Οδ. Χλωρίδης:Αρκτούρος
Wolfs in the shelter © Od. Chloridis: Arcturos

Information Centre for the brown bear

In the historic building of the Nikios School in Nymfaio, you can find out about the evolution of the brown bear, its geographical distribution, biology, ecology, the dangers it faces as a species and the ways to deal with them.

It aims at people of all ages and is a very fun and at the same time important experience for children.

Source: Arcturos
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