Our breakfast

Our breakfast


Local flavours

Taste traditional handmade pies with ingredients from our region.


Let us know when you want to have your breakfast and we will serve you homemade pie of the day, homemade jams and other local flavours, while you can also choose how to cook your eggs.

Homemade pies

Every day we prepare and serve a different homemade pie for you. From the traditional nettle pie, the local pepper pie, or the classic village cheese pie, you will taste unique flavours.


Every day we bring you fresh eggs from the neighboring "Kleisoura" village for your breakfast. Whether omelette, boiled eggs or local "Strapatsada", you choose the way we will cook and serve your eggs.

Homemade jams

What could be more delicious than a homemade jam for your breakfast?


At breakfast we serve a variety of local cheeses.

Coffee and tea

Greek or filter coffee, Cappuccino or espresso, you may choose the type of coffee you want or decide which taste of tea you want.

Daily surprises

Every day we slightly differentiate our breakfast for you to taste as many locals flavours as possible.

Serving times

Our breakfast is served daily from 08:00 until 11:00 in the ground floor. On lazy Sundays you may sleep a little bit more and enjoy your breakfast until 12:00.