Vacations in Nymfaio


Vacation in Nymfaio

One of the ten most picturesque villages in Europe (according to UNESCO), it is located at an altitude of 1,350 m on Mount Vitsi, and is a mountain revelation.

The preserved traditional settlement is surrounded by beech forest, while the cobbled paths and the stone houses refer to other eras.

Nymphaio (its original name was Niveasta, which in Vlach means nymph and then Neveska) experienced great economic prosperity from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century. It was a center of silversmithing and trade, reaching at its peak 3,000 inhabitants.

Today several of the old mansions have been renovated and converted into traditional guesthouses, cozy hangouts and shops with local products.

The destination is mild tourist providing travelers the indulgence of the authenticity of a mountain destination and true hospitality.

Ideal destination

Nymfaio is an ideal destination for both nature lovers and lovers of tradition and history. The paths in the beech forest with wild apples and blackberries, and our secret paradise, the protected oak forest Radosi are ideal for hiking.

Truffle and wild mushroom hunting, mountain biking or horse riding also offer alternative holiday activities.

Places of interest are the monuments such as the recently renovated mansion where the Museum of Silver and Gold, Folklore and History operates. The imposing Nikeios School hosts the information center for the brown bear of the Arcturos Organization while just outside the village is its  shelter.

Exploring the region

The region is suitable for excursions to the Shelter of the wolf, to the lakes Zazari and Heimaditida with the fishing villages but also to the other neighbour picturesque mountain villages.

What is more, Nymfaio is an ideal destination for exploring the entire region. In a short distance you can visit through wonderful mountain routes:

  • Florina,
  • Kastoria,
  • Amyndeo Wineries,
  • Prespa lakes
  • and many other destinations
*depending on weather conditions

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